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The Lakota children of the Cheyenne River Reservation are eagerly awaiting  Christmas.  With a per capita income of $9100 per year, after providing the necessities of life, there is little left for  Christmas gifts.  On November 1, 650  “Santa wish list letters” will start arriving here and 4 weeks later a truck will leave St. Charles, Mo., filled with love and the magic of Christmas.  To make this dream a reality, we need your help.  Please consider joining this mission of hope in any one of the following ways:
                                         Adopt a letter(s) and purchase at least two gifts from their list
                                                                Donate gifts and gift cards
                                  Donate money (all money is used for the purchase of gifts for the children.

Please consider joining this wonderful mission. All donations are tax deductible. Friends of Lakota Youth is a division of Affiliated International Ministries.
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